Arotec Neon

LED Signage

Moulded Pans


Vacuum formed pans superimposed with computer cut vinyl graphics or ink processed and also internally illuminated by LED high intensity diodes.


Fabricated Acrylic lettering


Fabricated acrylic lettering internally illuminated with either cold cathode tubing or LRD high intensity diodes with remote control gear installation and electrical connections enclosed within signcase. 

Edge illuminated acrylic lettering

Laser cut aluminium panel with 10mm clear polished lettering superimposed and faced with 1.5mm dense acrylic Panel internally illuminated with fluorescent tubing or LED high intensity diodes.

Aluminium fabricated panels

Fabricated aluminium panel with oven baked powder coated finish.  Lettering laser cut with superimposed flat cut out lettering and internally illuminated by fluorescent tubing.  All electrical connections and high power factor control gear enclosed within signcase.

Aluminium internally illuminated signcase

Aluminium internally illuminated signcase with flexi-face.  Digitally printed canvas stretched and tensioned proportionately around signcase. 

Internally illuminated by fluorescent tubing with high power factor control gear and all electrical connections enclosed within signcase 

Fabricated slim build lettering

Slim build block face fabricated lettering superimposed away from fascia panel with LED high intensity diodes for maximum halo illumination onto powder coated aluminium background panel 

Fabricated slim line fascia panels

Fabricated aluminium panels with powder coated finish and superimposed lettering constructed from acrylic and internally illuminated by LED high intensity diodes for halo illumination only.