Arotec Neon

Cold Cathode Fluorescent

Designers, manufacturers of cold cathode lighting, architectural, commercial environments, public services. we have cutting edge technology for producing brighter, neon lamps


Cold Cathode Lights

As specialists in our field we provide our clients with the most up to date methods of manufacture, design and installation requirements.  Our  manufacturing services are used to produce all forms of custom made  signage.  Complex techniques which have been perfected over many years allowing us to produce cold cathode tubing of the best possible standard


Cold cathode tube bending producing lighting systems of high intensity,  brightness and with perfect colour rendering High efficiency control gear with environmentally economic levels of power consumption and full earth leakage protection for cold cathode,  cove light and neon lighting systems Our low voltage systems have been engineered for the most automated demanding control systems allowing for night and day brightness and colour mode selection.

Cold Cathode, Architectural and Neon Lighting

All types of lighting systems can be enhanced by using neon or cold cathode tubing in various ways.  By using different control systems and high frequency control gear brightness fading and dimming  can be carefully controlled to produce accute scenes for difficult environments together with the use of LED systems spectacular results can be achieved as well as a completely economical system