Arotec Neon

Neon Signage Lettering

Fascia Sign Lights

Enhanced Lettering

Neon lettering can be easily enhanced by using various means of backed up letters be they simply from computer cut vinyl graphics or a fabricated acrylic or stainless steel letter for the ability to make the sign easily read and more prominant from a distance

By using electrodes with deep electrode housings which go through into a back box behind the fascia panel   All wiring and electrical connections can be encased in a water tight environment and therefore  making it dry and safe  for components to be installed

Energy saving and long lasting

Clear tubing pumped with our super vacuum and pure neon gas high intensity electrode shells is a pretty bullet proof product.  No need to worry about fading powder coatings or sub zero temperatures causing poor mercury vapourisation no not here just roll on the power and she will burn brightly and stay that way. 

Clear tubing can also be energised by high frequency control gear  keeping running costs down to a minimum 

Special pre-coated triphosfor tubing

Great colour rendering can be acheived using a range of triphosfor powders baked onto the inner walls of our tubing allowing for maximum brightness for either internal or external applications  Electrodes installed through back panel directly into signcase for enclosed electrical connections. 

Fabricated sign cases can be constructed from a wide range of materials.  Stainless steel , aluminium , galvanised steel or acrylic.  Using  oven powder coating for metal work immaculate paint finishing is acheived. 

Projecting Signage

Acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel can be used to fabricate any type of projecting signcase for horizontal or vertical installation.  Acrylic panels can be internally illuminated using cold cathode tubing , fluorescent or LED high intensity diodes.  Face illumination can be acheived by superimposing skeleton neon tubing directly onto a back panel or onto fabricated lettering. 

Slimline signcases can be internally illuminated with LED high intensity diodes with laser cut panels and superimposed lettering or motif for an edge illuminated  effect.   

Fabricated Lettering

Fabricated lettering can be constructed from a wide range of materials providing the desired effect helping to enhance cold cathode or neon tubing either for a subtle halo effect onto a fascia background or for full on face illumination.   Architectural lettering can be glazed with acrylic letter faces and internally illuminated with LED high intensity diodes.

Fabricated lettering allows for enclosed electrical connections and remote control gear installation.  

3D Neon versatility

The method of maufacturing neon and cold cathode tubing  allows us to bend tubing according to a detailed full size drawing in order to acheive the most acute  shapes and curvatures to reproduce complex designs and motif's  even in 3D  Also the flexability in control using intermitant and automatic fading can create colourful and vibrant effects