Arotec Neon

LED and Cove Lighting

Cold Cathode for cove lighting

 High intensity output cold cathode tubing for high glow halo illumination. Suitable for cove installation with high efficiency  control gear.  Dimming modes and night and day lighting modes for creating the perfect environment.

LED dynamics with high output diodes for suitable light intensity.   Hazed lenses with coloured diodes can createa desired effect.    

Neon Contours and colour rendering

Shopping mall contour neon running comfortably around the most demanding contours with double and trebble outline  tubing for maximum light output in the most accute curvatures, angles and bends. 

Achieving perfect colour rendering by using triphosfor coated tubing to achieve the most delicate shades of colour.   With high efficiency control gear suitable for dimming and mode changing.

High frequency control gear with low heat output allows neon tubing to be installed in tight coved areas.

Flexible LED tube light with Cold Cathode compensation.

Flexible LED tube light with cold cathode tubing allowing high frequency control and RGB automatic colour modulation creating gradual change in ambience.  Condensed control systems can be installed local to lighting components.  

Triphosfor tube coatings

 Brilliant white halo illumination for deep trough lighting with shade variations to match the most articulate colour schemes.  Light intensity can also be varied by using tube diameters from 9mm to 25mm   High power output control gear suitable for installation local to tubes.